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Lawyer Ralitsa Sirakova offers its clients one-time or subscription services regarding highly qualified juridical assistance and consultations in many spheres of law upon observance of full confidentiality and maximal protection of client interest. Determination in problem solving, professional confidence and competence, individual approach to each situation, opportunity for joint decision making and presentation of timely information for the course of work on a specific case accompany our work every day.

The attorney’s development and qualification is determined by the problems of the client, yet we are not afraid of novelties and changes. With our constant improvement and desire to offer high quality juridical service, we satisfy completely our clients’ interests.

Every day each of us comes across different problems, the solving of which requires special knowledge and skills. Legislation in Bulgaria is undergoing dynamic changes and frequent supplementations. This requires that You stay always up to date with the last legislative alterations and maintain flexibility in the planning of your activity.




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Sofia 1000
"Lavele" str. № 32, floor 1, office 5
Тел: +359 888 355 793
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